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Below you can find a list of publications by CARMAH researchers which can, for the most part, be downloaded either as a pdf or via an external link. Please note that some external links may require you to register access via the providing platform.


Tal Adler

Participatory Matters: Access, Migration, and Heritage in Berlin Museums

Katarzyna Puzon (forthcoming), in Eszter Gantner and Heike Oevermann (eds) Securing Urban Heritage: Agents, Access, and Securitization. London: Routledge.


Tal Adler

Menschliche Überreste in deutschen Institutionen. Historische Entwicklungen und zukünftige Perspektiven

Sarah Fründt and Larissa Förster (2018), in: Zeller, Joachim; Bechhaus-Gerst, Marianne (eds.) Deutschland postkolonial? Die Gegenwart der imperialen Vergangenheit. Berlin: Metropol-Verlag.

Tal Adler

From the brothers Humboldt to Jacques Chirac and back…

Margareta von Oswald, Felicity Bodenstein & Callum Fisher (2018): A report from the three-day workshop 'Exchanging perspectives: anthropologies, museum collections and colonial legacies between Paris and Berlin' (June 6-8, 2018) held at CARMAH and at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. In: Blog - Wie weiter mit Humboldts Erbe? Ethnographische Sammlungen neu denken.

Tal Adler

Friends with books

Nadim, T. 2018. Friends with books. In Moore, S. (ed.) The Commons and Care. Manchester: Mattering Press. pp 26-33.

Tal Adler

Endorsement effects and warning potentials. Architecture from Totalitarian eras as heritage

Sharon Macdonald (2018), in Håkan Hökerberg (ed.) Architecture as Propaganda in Twentieth-Century Totalitarian Regimes. History and Heritage. Florence: Polistampa

Tal Adler


Sharon Macdonald (2018), in H.Callan (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, Wiley-Blackwell.

The Long Way Home. Zur Biografie rückgeführter Objekte/Subjekte

Larissa Förster (2018), in: Greub, Thierry and Martin Roussel (eds.): Figurationen des Portraits. Wilhelm Fink: Paderborn

Tal Adler

Haunting seedy connections

Nadim, T. 2018. Haunting seedy connections. In Lury, C., Fensham, R., Heller-Nicholas, A., Lammes, S., Last, A., Michael, M. and Uprichard, E. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Abingdon and New York: Routledge. pp 239-247.


Tal Adler

Objects/Subjects in Exile

Wayne Modest, Margareta von Oswald and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung(2017), in: L'Internationale Online (ed.): Thread 'Decolonising Practices'.


Tal Adler

‘Heritage Futures’

Harrison, R., N. Bartolini, C. DeSilvey, C. Holtorf, A. Lyons, Macdonald, S., Morgan, J. and S. Penrose (2016), in: Archaeology International, No. 19: pp. 68-72.


How things matter: stories from Nuremberg

Sharon Macdonald (2015), in: Braun, Karl, Dieterich, Claus-Marco and Angela Treiber (eds.): Materialisierung von Kultur: Diskurse, Dinge, Praktiken. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann Verlag.

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